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The National Society of Professional Engineers introduced Discover "E" years ago as part of an outreach effort aimed to foster student interest in engineering. Northrop Grumman has been a major sponsor of Discover "E" in an effort to help address a critical national need to identify, cultivate, and motivate the engineers of tomorrow. Whether they are building towers made of paper or designing and building water filtration systems, students learn first-hand about engineering-related careers from teams of engineers at Northrop Grumman Corporation through the Discover "E" program.

For several years, Bethel Christian Academy has partnered with Northrop Grumman by inviting engineers to come in annually to share their engineering experiences, discuss potential careers in engineering, and involve the students in hands-on, science-related projects and activities. BCA students have benefited from their exposure to engineering and the school has received grant money from Northrop Grumman to fund our science program through our participation in Discover “E”. 

BCA has also received funding for STEM activities through the Northrop Grumman Engineering Week grant opportunity.  The teachers enjoy engaging the students in the hands-on project-based learning that this funding supports.